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Bioclean Mobile Wash is a locally-owned truck fleet washing and pressure cleaning service since 1969.

Bioclean Mobile Wash is a locally-owned truck fleet washing and pressure cleaning service that has served the Minneapolis/St. Paul area and surrounding communities since 1969. We take great pride in what we do; from our facility, our equipment, our people, to our quality of service. While some other wash vendors may just wash trucks, we CLEAN them! Nobody can get your equipment cleaner at a better price.

Any Size Fleet

Because of our size, Bioclean can service any size fleet quickly and efficiently, at a time when your trucks are least active. Our fleet is second to none in capability, quality and quantity, and we are regularly updating our equipment to keep up with new technologies in the fleet washing industry. What this means for you is a high quality wash at a very reasonable price. We are also very experienced at cold weather washing, so we can service your fleet year round and keep them looking great.

Quality Wash at a Great Price

Plus, we don't need to use your water when we wash your trucks. That can become very costly to you. Rather, we bring our own water to your location, and plenty of it, because when you're short on water, the quality of the truck washing suffers. And if there's one thing you can count on from Bioclean, it's a quality wash at a great price.


Maintaining the professional image of your fleet is a large responsibility.

How can you ensure that your fleet will present a positive image of your company, yet find a reputable wash vendor that is eco-friendly in this "green" oriented world? Bioclean is the answer to the question - and the solution to the problem!

Bioclean Mobile Wash literally invented the "Bioclean System" of fleet washing which is widely used across the US, Canada, & Australia! This exclusive 2-step washing procedure utilizes 100% biodegradable detergents and eco-friendly procedures. Wastewater Reclamation & Management Systems are our specialty. Another benefit is that our products returns to the environment at or close to a neutral (7) pH state - a very uncommon environmental safeguard to find in the fleet vehicle washing industry! We are a fully qualified, fully insured, recognized company equipped to handle a wide range of truck, equipment, and fleet vehicle washing duties, including:

- Semi's / Tractor Trailers   - Tanker Trucks   - Box Trucks - Government Vehicles   - Delivery / Cargo Vans   - Heavy Equipment - Industrial Equipment and much more!
Industrial grade truck scales and trash compactors are incredible machines that also happen to get incredibly dirty. And when the weather gets freezing cold (like it often does in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area), Bioclean Mobile Wash is ready to de-ice & clean truck scales and trash compactors to keep you up and running. We're proud to offer these valuable and beneficial services to truck stops, weighing stations, grocery stores, superstores, commercial and industrial businesses, and many others!
Once our fleet washing customers see how great we can make their vehicles look, it isn't uncommon for them to ask us what else we can clean for them! You will be glad to know that we can also safely and effectively pressure clean / power wash the exterior of your building to remove built up dirt, grime, grease & contaminants to keep your commercial or industrial property looking it's very best. Services include: Building Exterior (& Interior) Pressure Washing - Commercial Building Exterior Pressure Washing - Industrial Building Exterior Power Washing - Interior Ceiling & Wall Cleaning for Warehouse, Factories, etc.

Do you have more truck fleets located in other cities?

Bioclean has a Network of Mobile Washers in other cities and countries that use the same effective wash equipment, so you can be confident that your fleets will look great, no matter where they're located. Call us today! 763-786-9130




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We're hiring and seeking good, hardworking individuals to join our awesome team!



Bioclean Mobile Wash delivers incredible cleaning results for all types of truck fleets, heavy equipment, and government vehicles - just see for yourself:

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